Thinking only what one is allowed to think… is a form of slavery, mental control and abuse by government and society.

Most people, while they don’t realize it, are, in fact, in a way, slaves. Freedom can, in fact, be a cleverly-created illusion, created by those who control the population via mass propaganda and brainwashing via sources and media masquerading as “authorative, truthful and trustworthy”.

If you just believe it without question, then you are a willing slave.

Being paid a lot of money for going along, ie. having a high-paying job and thinking and acting only as allowed and directed (what with all the political correctness and “sensitivity” vis a vis emerging new left-wing fads and transformations) plus being allowed to do all kinds of things and told it’s a matter of “freedom” and “rights” and “choice” (like being homosexual and having abortions, like being allowed to travel to fun places, do fun things, drink, smoke, watch porn, watch violence, listen to profanity in media, etc., etc) is a way of fooling the masses into believing they’re free. Oh, yes, giving them free stuff like welfare checks, phones, food stamps, free housing, etc., will also keep people under control, as slaves.

What is real, and what is the illusion? Do you even care?

At least you are free to choose to be either a slave of the government and society… or to be free of this slavery and have a mind of your own and choose to control your own life as much as possible, and not worry what crazy slaves-by-choice think about you and the way you live (like in the country, grow own food, hunt for food, use firewood for heat in the winter, drive a big truck, own guns in case of invasion/attack, etc., etc.)…

Yes, I know that the average person will look at the above and dismiss it as “crazy”, but then again, they’re the ones who aren’t thinking for themselves and only think as allowed by government and society. They’re the ones crazy enough to choose to be deluded by external forces. Sane people use logic, reason, etc., based on observations of cold, hard reality, and don’t let others delude and confuse them.


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