So I was doing laid-back, go-where-I-end-up search/research/investigate/browsing on Youtube, and, well, encountered the word “Fabian” applied to former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who was actually a communist, a closet communist, so I wondered what that meant…. “Fabian”. So this is what I’ve discovered.

Basically, it’s a big international club of sorts, with members and so on. Generally wealthy elites with so-so to poor ethics and morals, people of arrogance, of dogma, who want to belong to an elite society and be part of a movement that seeks to control the world, nation by nation… they’re socialist, collectivist, gradualist, patient… and dead serious. We already are familiar with many of them, in fact…

They’re both puppetmasters and puppets… they are, as they literally fancy themselves, the proverbial “wolves in sheeps’ clothing”. In fact, their logo is exactly that, a wolf in sheeps’ clothing… And they’ve been around since the late 1880s.

Here they are, in brief…


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