It is NOT futile to fight the IRS.  In fact, it’s CRITICAL that everyone fight back!  Government bullies and fascists cannot be tolerated, their bullying and criminal actions and treasons and racketeering cannot be tolerated!

Catherine is the founder of True the Vote, which she established after working as an election volunteer and noticing all kinds of irregularities going on. Her purpose in creating True the Vote was to ensure that elections were fair and not manipulated by fraud.

The left didn’t like that and they retaliated hard against Catherine, making all kinds of accusations against her, which were quickly parroted by the Democrat Party propagandists at MSNBC as well as Democrat members of Congress including Elijah Cummings and Sheila Jackson Lee. And when True the Vote applied for tax-exempt nonprofit status, you can probably guess what happened. Naturally, the IRS came after not only her nonprofit but her business as well. Bringing audits and inquiries that found nothing, they nonetheless fined Catherine and her husband $20,000 – just because they’re the IRS and they can!

But Catherine refused to take this lying down. She sued the IRS, demanding, among other things, that they give her a yes or no ruling on her nonprofit status. The finally gave her a yes – she certainly qualifies, after all – probably in the hope that it would shut her up. But there was more to the suit. Catherine also went after the IRS for outrageous demands it made of her, some of which she outlined on the show today:

“They wanted to know everywhere I had ever spoken, to whom I had spoken, who was in attendance when I spoke, and, Herman, everywhere I intended to speak through 2013.”


SOURCE:  Herman Cain


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