Obama Goes After Sarah Palin’s Family


Of course, he uses the state apparatus to do this.  For example, he frequently uses the IRS to harass and bully political and ideological opponents and dissidents.

And he also goes after their families.  Oh, my.  Never go after the family.  That’s crossing a serious line!


Last weekend, Chuck Health Junior, Sarah Palin’s older brother, posted on Facebook complaining that his father, a man who has “worked multiple jobs and faithfully and honestly paid his taxes for fifty years” has been “horribly harassed six times” by the IRS. He claims the government agency has been trying to “dig up something on him” ever since his sister was “tapped to run for Vice President of the United States.”

Federal Bureau of Investigation officials report, “The Federal Bureau of Investigations doesn’t plan to file criminal charges over the Internal Revenue Service’s heightened scrutiny of conservative groups” and supports that “what emerged during the probe was evidence of a mismanaged bureaucracy enforcing rules about tax-exemption applications it didn’t understand.”

In response to these claims by law-enforcement officials a Tea Party lawyer declared the investigation to be “a big, bureaucratic, former-Soviet-Union-type investigation. She maintains this “means there was no investigation” and that the whole situation “is a deplorable abuse of the public trust”.





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