Are the TSA agents prejudiced against Jewish people?  Why did they pick on a Jewish woman just because she was reading a Jewish newspaper, while ignoring a masked Muslim woman and letting her stroll on through?  What’s going on… are they anti-Semitic and submissive to Muslims because they’ve been ordered to be, or is this an isolated incident of pro-Islam anti-Semites in action within the TSA?

Chesler’s flight was delayed due to the ice storm. Still, she felt somewhat lucky, as most of the flights were cancelled. As she waited, Chesler pulled out the latest edition of The Jewish Press, which she had with her. Chesler noticed that as soon as she took out the paper, one of the security agents looked at her sharply. He came over and asked to see her newspaper.  After looking at the cover, the agent then took The Jewish Press and brought it over to another security agent. The two agents then had a discussion, apparently about the newspaper and about Chesler. She was then told to open her luggage, which the agents proceeded to search. While Chesler’s luggage was being rifled through and she was being interrogated, she noticed another woman stride unmolested past her and the security agents, and disappear on through to her destination. The woman who sailed through without being stopped was dressed in a niqab. The niqab is an Islamic head covering which covers a woman’s entire face except for the eyes. Chesler recounted that she saw no one in security ask this other woman – whose face was impossible to see – to lift her veil so that they might check her facial features against her identifying documents. The unidentifiable woman went right past security, no questions asked.

Wow.  What, are TSA agents under orders to leave the Muslims alone?  Even though most terrorists are Muslims, including the September 11th hijackers? Oh, right.  Nothing to see here, say the “authorities”, the Left and the lamestream media.  Naturally. But we know that what’s going on is wrong and unacceptable! SOURCE


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